Our Divisions

Cyber Security 

NEVO Technologies is a well-established and reputable provider of Security Solutions in the region of North and Ouest Africa.
We began our journey as a Value-added Distributor of IT solutions to then focus and specialize in the ever evolving field of Cyber Security. We continue to partner with world class recognized vendors to bring the most innovative solutions to our region and help end users face and react to the cyber Security landscape with the most appropriate tools and services.

Defense and Government 

Our extensive experience and understanding of security technologies has led us to explore more aspects where we can provide tailored answers and solutions. With a diversified blend of Digital and physical security offer, we decided to create Nevo Defense and Gov to provide Law Enforcement and Civil Defence, Internal State Security and Counter Terrorism solutions to the Moroccan Market. 

Managed Service Provider

As we continue to evaluate our potential and sustain the growth of our company, we have extended our business to be a Managed Security Service Provider. Our success is directly related to our team of experts and the trusted technology partners that compose our Portfolio. With our vast knowledge in Cyber security and a tremendous understanding of the complex challenges that IT professionals are experiencing daily we decided to offer our expertise as a service and help organization stay ahead of cyber security threats by putting in the hand of a great team to manage and monitor their systems.

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