Securing the mobile first business


Zimperium was founded in 2010 by Itsik Mantin and Elia Yehuda. The company was established to focus on mobile threat defense solutions to address the growing cybersecurity challenges associated with mobile devices.

The solution specializes in mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions. Its primary focus is on protecting mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, from various cybersecurity threats and mobile malware. Zimperium's technology is designed to secure mobile endpoints and ensure the safety of sensitive data and communications. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, here's an overview of Zimperium and its core offerings:

  • Mobile Threat Defense: Zimperium offers mobile threat defense solutions that protect mobile devices from a wide range of threats, including mobile malware, phishing attacks, network attacks, and device vulnerabilities.

  • Machine Learning-Based Detection: The company's technology typically utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and mitigate mobile threats. This enables proactive threat detection and rapid response to potential security incidents.

  • Application Security: Zimperium's solutions often include features for securing mobile applications. This may involve app scanning and protection against malicious apps and vulnerabilities.

  • Threat Intelligence: Zimperium gathers and provides threat intelligence to help organizations stay informed about emerging mobile threats and threat actors. This information is valuable for proactive threat prevention.

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) Integration: The company's solutions may integrate with mobile device management tools to enhance mobile device security and management.

  • Real-Time Threat Alerts: Zimperium's technology delivers real-time threat alerts and notifications to mobile device users, administrators, and security teams to ensure prompt action in response to threats.

Mobile devices are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals and pose security risks to organizations. Zimperium's MTD solutions are essential for businesses and government entities that rely on mobile devices for their operations. These solutions help protect sensitive data, maintain the privacy of communications, and defend against mobile-based attacks.