Today, enterprise network security professionals understand the importance of having comprehensive layered defenses. From direct monetary threats like ransomware where the lifeblood of the enterprise, its data and applications are being held hostage, to socially engineered threats including Phishing, Pretexting, Tailgating, Baiting and Quid Pro Quo, the goal of the attacker is essentially the same: to extract something of value from the network.


As threats and networks have become increasingly more complex, defending the expanded attack surface makes defense geometrically more complex. Hillstone‘s Layered Threat Protection is a portfolio of products that will keep your business secure.


Today, more than 14,000 enterprise networks worldwide rely on Hillstone solutions making it a safe choice for your enterprise. At the perimeter, they offer both Next-Generation Firewalls and Intelligent Next-Generation Firewalls that use both machine learning and artificial intelligence to closely examine behavior on the network to identify anomalistic activities for security professionals to study or block. Hillstone provides solutions for branch offices up to large, high-throughput data center firewalls. The Hillstone IPS have the most comprehensive high-performance inspection engine, combined with the best-of-breed signature partnering with leading technology partners, providing customers the best protection with lower cost of ownership. For servers, Hillstone has products that monitor traffic entering and exiting the server, looking for anomalistic behavior. This is particularly important in networks where organizations have a high usage of mobile devices that can become infected, and then allow the malware to access the network unbeknownst to the user.

Here's an overview of Hillstone and its offerings:

  • Firewall and Network Security: Hillstone offers a suite of firewall and network security products. These solutions are designed to protect enterprise networks from various cyber threats, including malware, intrusion attempts, and unauthorized access.

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS): Hillstone's IDS/IPS solutions help organizations detect and prevent network intrusions and attacks in real-time. They offer advanced threat detection capabilities to safeguard critical infrastructure.

  • Cloud Security: Hillstone provides cloud security solutions to secure cloud environments and applications. This includes protection for public and private cloud deployments, ensuring data and applications remain secure in the cloud.

  • Security Management and Analytics: The company offers security management and analytics tools to provide visibility into network activities and security events. These tools help organizations monitor and respond to threats effectively.

  • Data Center Security: Hillstone's data center security solutions are tailored to protect data center environments from evolving threats. This is crucial for safeguarding critical business data and applications.

  • SD-WAN Security: With the rise of software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN), Hillstone offers security solutions integrated with SD-WAN to protect remote and branch office connectivity.

  • Threat Intelligence: Hillstone incorporates threat intelligence into its products, allowing organizations to stay updated on emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

User and Application Control: Hillstone's solutions often include features for controlling user access and application usage within the network. This can help organizations enforce security policies