Ascertia focuses on digital signature creation, verification, timestamping and secure archiving products as well as eID validation. These key functions deliver the essential trust services needed by governments, financials, telco, healthcare and other organisations to conduct electronic business.


It provides solutions that support the business process and protect documents, data and transactions within ERP, ECM and CRM systems. Ascertia provides comprehensive support for ETSI XAdES, PAdES and CAdES signature standards and OASIS DSS and DSS-X protocols. These advanced digital signatures and protocols can be used to sign any type of document, including PDF, XML, Word, Excel, HTML, and others.


  • Digital Signatures: Ascertia provides solutions for creating and verifying digital signatures on electronic documents. Digital signatures are cryptographic techniques that ensure the authenticity and integrity of digital content, such as contracts, agreements, and emails.

  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI): The company offers PKI solutions, including certificate authority services, for managing digital certificates and keys. PKI is a critical component of digital security, enabling secure communication and the validation of digital signatures.

  • Timestamping: Ascertia's solutions often include timestamping services, which add a trusted timestamp to a digital signature. Timestamps provide evidence of the time and date when a document was signed or sealed, making them valuable for legal and regulatory compliance.

  • Electronic Seals: In addition to digital signatures, Ascertia provides electronic seal solutions, which are used for securing documents and records with a digital seal, indicating the authenticity and origin of the document.

  • Document Validation: Ascertia's tools enable document validation to ensure the integrity and authenticity of electronically signed or sealed documents. This is crucial for ensuring the trustworthiness of digital records.


eIDAS Compliance, The company's offerings often align with the European Union's eIDAS regulation, which sets standards for electronic signatures and trust services. Ascertia helps organizations comply with these regulations.


Ascertia's focus on digital signature and certificate solutions is essential for organizations and individuals looking to transition to a paperless, digital environment while ensuring the security and legality of their electronic documents and transactions. Their solutions help establish trust and authenticity in the digital world, making them valuable in various industries, including legal, financial, and healthcare.