AlphaSOC is a cybersecurity company widely known for its innovative solutions. It primarily develops analytics software and provides commendable infrastructure security services that are designed to help businesses identify and respond to cyber threats in real-time.

Trusted by hundreds of security teams, their analytics engine processes network telemetry to uncover infected hosts, emerging threats, and targeted attacks.

AlphaSOC processes network telemetry across IP, DNS, HTTP, and TLS layers and performs deep analysis and alerting of suspicious events, identifying new and unknown threats without signatures.

It was established with the aim to strengthen the security posture of organizations by integrating the latest technologies and utilizing a unique approach to threat detection.


Among AlphaSOC’s key offerings:

  • Network Flight Simulator: a tool that aids in identifying breaches and assessing the effectiveness of security controls by simulating domain name system (DNS) adversary tactics.

  • Machine learning and behavioral analysis methodologies: One of the core features of AlphaSOC’s services is the utilization of machine learning and behavioral analysis methodologies in their analytics software which greatly enhances the chances of detecting possible cyber threats. Their solutions are designed to analyze vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently, giving organizations a much-needed edge in today’s fast-paced digital sphere.

In a nutshell, AlphaSOC is a strategic partner for any organization seeking to elevate its cybersecurity landscape. It is reshaping the realm of cybersecurity, providing next-generation solutions that redefine how businesses protect their digital assets.