Rule and Object Creation with Skybox

Structured workflows are intended to improve the speed, accuracy and security of firewall rule and object changes. But often the benefits of change management processes are undercut by complexity, lack of insight and limited resources.

Details make or break the change workflow. Without the proper information around the change request; visibility of the affected firewalls and network paths; and knowledge of the relevant policies and vulnerability risks, a simple change could nullify a whole layer of security. The chance of security issues and other errors only increases with manual processes. To make sense of all of these details and act on them quickly requires intelligent automation.

Skybox® Security’s automated change workflow helps to speed up the firewall rule and object creation process — without sacrificing security. With context–aware planning and risk assessment, Skybox reduces the chance of risky changes going into production, meaning fewer rollbacks and less time spent on rework. The workflow is also customizable to ensure it fits the needs of your organization, its teams and its technologies.

  • Harness analytics–driven automation to speed up changes, reduce risk and avoid rollbacks
  • Proactively assess policy violations and vulnerability exposures before changes go live
  • Customize and standardize automated workflows to fit your organizational needs

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