Always On Security for Always On Resilience

The systems that enable you to be successful – to communicate, collaborate, and share data – are growing more complex by the day. That means your attack surface is growing. Traditional security measures can’t keep up with these expanding threats, leaving your business open to attackers who aim to steal data, disrupt operations, and gain control of the IT infrastructure.

Unisys Stealth® provides your business Always On security by establishing a software-defined perimeter that creates a Zero Trust environment. Through the power of microsegmentation, encryption, and dynamic isolation, Stealth™ stops attacks – even sponsored, sophisticated ones – in their tracks. And, should an attacker get inside, Stealth™ prevents data exfiltration, so that the breach is a minor hiccup – not a major headline.

With Unisys Stealth®, you can make the move from crisis to confidence.