Rapid7 is a leading cybersecurity company that provides a range of solutions and services to help organizations effectively manage and enhance their cybersecurity posture. The company's offerings encompass various aspects of cybersecurity, including vulnerability management, threat detection, and incident response.

Unlike traditional vulnerability management and incident detection technologies, Rapid7 provides visibility, monitoring, and insight across assets and users from the endpoint to the cloud. Dedicated to solving the toughest security challenges, they offer unmatched capabilities to spot intruders leveraging today’s #1 attack vector: compromised credentials.

  • Vulnerability Management: Rapid7 offers solutions that help organizations identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities within their IT environments. Their vulnerability management tools assist in maintaining a secure infrastructure by continuously scanning for and assessing security weaknesses.

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): Rapid7 provides a SIEM solution called "InsightIDR" for threat detection and incident response. It offers real-time monitoring, alerting, and analytics to help organizations identify and respond to security incidents promptly.

  • Incident Response and Threat Detection: In addition to SIEM, Rapid7 offers incident response and threat detection services to assist organizations in identifying and mitigating cybersecurity threats. Their expertise includes detecting malicious activities and responding to incidents effectively.

  • Application Security: Rapid7 provides application security solutions to help organizations secure their software development processes, detect vulnerabilities in applications, and protect against application-layer attacks.

  • User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA): Rapid7's UEBA solutions help organizations detect insider threats and suspicious user behaviors by applying machine learning and behavior analytics techniques.

  • Managed Services: Rapid7 offers managed services to assist organizations in implementing and managing their cybersecurity solutions effectively. These services can help bridge skill gaps and ensure security effectiveness.

Cloud Security The company offers cloud security solutions designed to secure cloud environments, manage compliance, and monitor cloud-based assets and services.

Rapid7 is known for its commitment to helping organizations, proactively identify and respond to cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. Their solutions and services are designed to improve cybersecurity resilience and support compliance with regulatory requirements.

By focusing on vulnerability management, threat detection, and incident response, Rapid7 aims to empower organizations to defend against evolving cyber threats.