ManageEngine is a division of Zoho Corporation, a global technology company that provides IT management and business software solutions. ManageEngine is specifically dedicated to create a wide range of IT management software products that help organizations effectively manage their IT infrastructure and operations.

ManageEngine offers more than 90 tools to help manage all aspects of IT operations, including networks, servers, applications, desktops, mobile devices, service desks, Active Directory, and security. And they have built the tools from the ground up with contextual integrations to make sure that their customers can manage IT together, too.

  • IT Management Solutions: ManageEngine offers a comprehensive suite of IT management software solutions, including network management, server and application management, security and compliance, helpdesk and service desk, and more.

  • Network Management: ManageEngine's network management tools help organizations monitor and manage their network infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance, security, and availability.

  • Server and Application Management: The company provides solutions for monitoring and managing servers and applications, helping organizations maintain uptime and performance.

  • Security and Compliance: ManageEngine's security and compliance solutions help organizations strengthen their security posture, ensure compliance with regulations, and protect their data and systems from cyber threats.

  • IT Service Management (ITSM): The company offers ITSM solutions to streamline IT service desk operations, manage incidents, service requests, and assets, and enhance overall IT service delivery.

  • Monitoring and Performance Management: ManageEngine's solutions include tools for monitoring and managing the performance of IT resources, such as servers, applications, and network devices.

  • Cloud Management: ManageEngine provides tools for managing cloud resources, optimizing cloud spending, and ensuring the efficient use of cloud services.

  • End-User Experience Monitoring: The company's solutions often include end-user experience monitoring to assess the quality of the end-user experience with applications and services.

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): ManageEngine's SIEM solutions help organizations centralize log management, analyze security events, and respond to security incidents.

ManageEngine's IT management solutions are designed to simplify and streamline IT operations, enhance productivity, reduce downtime, and ensure the reliability and security of an organization's IT infrastructure. Their products are used to manage a wide range of IT resources, from networks and servers to applications and security systems.