WALLIX provides innovative security solutions specialising in traceability and secure access for corporate IT systems. Our expertise focuses on PUM (Privileged User Management) and SIEM (Security Information & Event Management).

WALLIX offers a range of hardware and software solutions engineered to control the risks associated with internal and external access to the organisation's network, servers and applications, manage privileged users, and gather and analyse connection logs.

Innovation is crucial to IT Directors, Information Security Managers, Chief Financial Officers and Audit Managers, for whom the selection of IT security products is an integral part of improving governance of their infrastructure and ensuring compliance with regulations governing the management of IT risks.

The solutions offered by WALLIX are engineered to perform in the operating and regulatory environments of clients across a range of economic sectors: finance, industry, defence and strategic industries, health, central, regional and local authorities, Telecom and Internet.

WALLIX solutions are particularly critical for decision-makers in heavily regulated industries, in organisations that have adapted a cloud computing strategy, or that partially or fully outsource their IT requirements. 

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