HP ArcSight helps protect enterprises and government agencies by providing complete visibility and critical insights into their IT infrastructure across all users, networks, datacenters and applications. The market-leading ArcSight platform enables organizations to proactively safeguard their digital assets, control the risks associated with cybertheft, cyberfraud, cyberwarfare and cyberespionage and comply with corporate and regulatory policy.

Observatory Crest is an distributor of HP ArcSight products in Australia and New Zealand. You can view some information on a selection of HP ArcSight's products, case studies and videos below.

Complete visibility into internal and external threats, breaches, fraud and risks across the IT infrastructure

Out-of-the box connectors to collect, consolidate and normalize data to unify searching, reporting and analysis

Powerful enterprise security management software for analyzing and correlating every event that occurs across your organization

A security management software solution for collecting log activity, consolidating information for storage efficiency and correlating events

An application built on HP's SIEM platform for monitoring user activity across accounts, applications and systems

Universal log management solution for collecting machine data from any log generating source that unify searching, storing, and analysis

Suite of content that delivers log review and security monitoring based on security and audit best practices—helps organizations meet a broad set of regulatory compliance requirements and institute a strong IT governance program

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