Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall


Hillstone’s Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall detects and addresses hidden threats previous generation firewalls miss. Real-time traffic data and behavior analysis discover next generation threats early and provide real-time insight into network operations and overall network health. Ground breaking Behavior Reputation and Network Health Indices offer practical tools to maxbimize IT service security and availability.

Deployment Model

  • Hillstone Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall offers three deployment scenarios:
  • Standalone T-Series Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall deployment.
  • Combined M/G-Series firewall and VM deployment

This scenario combines M/G-Series Next Generation Firewall with software installed on virtual machines for correlation analysis of firewall traffic data. Based on correlation analysis, the firewall can discover and provide early warning of anomalies and adjust policy to address security risks and prevent damage. 

Combined M/G-Series firewall and intelligent cloud services deployment

This scenario combines M/G-series Next Generation Firewall with Hillstone Intelligent Cloud Services for correlation analysis and anomaly detection. The Intelligent Cloud can also provide users with the latest global security intelligence, including new applications and threat features and behavior patterns to help address new and evolving security threats in advance.


Hillstone Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall solution is suitable for enterprise Internet outlets and server front-ends. Behavior Reputation Index, Network Health Index and next-generation firewall features provide robust business security & availability and slash security risk.

  • Detects more threats and network anomalies than past generation firewalls early and accurately
  • Discovers and addresses Botnet, server, DDoS, and abnormal threats missed by legacy signature techniques
  • Provides a foundation to discover and address APT, zero-day and other unknown threats
  • Identifies abnormal threats in advance to slash network security risk and prevent damage

Monitors and displays network operation status and health in real time.

  • Monitors availability and security of business services and networks
  • Addresses security threats early, reducing risk of damage
  • Manages security via granular policies

Slashes operation and maintenance costs.

  • Provides visual, granular, effective application management
  • Protects against DDoS attacks, Botnets, Trojans, worms, and SQL, XSS, and other Web application attacks.
  • Provides comprehensive protection from the network to the application layer
  • Manages complex business traffic flexibly and conveniently based on users and applications. Improves bandwidth utilization
  • Enhances operation and maintenance efficiency and reduces costs

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