Hillstone X-Series Data Center Firewall


Hillstone data center firewall X-series is a high-performance, fully distributed firewall platform built from the ground up for today’s virtual, cloud-based data centers. With unique Elastic Firewall Architecture (EFA) and Virtual Elastic Firewall (vEFA) Architecture, Hillstone X-series firewalls overcome the performance and deployment limitations of legacy firewalls in a virtual environment. As your virtual data center resources grow, shrink, and migrate, firewall performance scales elastically, maintaining continual, seamless virtual machine protection.


  • Supports both traditional data center deployments with a hardware-based architecture and migration to the cloud with cloud-based software architecture
  • Protects infrastructure investments and meets the elastic performance requirements of virtual data centers by scaling performance linearly via unique, patented EFA and vEFA architectures
  • Ensures business continuity by re-establishing sessions and maintaining policies automatically after virtual machine migrations
  • Centralized, efficient management via vEFA allows IT to manage multiple firewall virtual machines deployed across the data center

Feature Highlights

  • Fully distributed EFA hardware architectures scales processing and performance linearly
  • Scales throughput to 360Gps, 120 million concurrent connections and 2.4 million new sessions (HTTP) per second via security service module (SSM) expansion boards
  • Only 5U high with a maximum power requirement of 1300W thanks to advanced green, energy-saving technologies. One fourth to one third the power requirements of similar products

Virtual firewall technology creates independent tenant security planes and allocates security resources on demand for each data center tenant

  • Support up to 1000 virtual firewalls per chassis
  • Each virtual firewall gets its own system resources, allowing tenant CPUs, sessions, policies, ports, etc. to be scaled dynamically
  • Each virtual firewall has its own separate management interface, to deploy security policies flexibly based on each user’s security requirements.

Product Models

Hillstone X-Series Data Center Firewall

• Hillstone X7180




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