Accurate identity resolution is an absolute necessity in law enforcement, security and military intelligence. The need to make precise facial identifications as quickly as possible is more pressing than ever before. Animetrics’ FaceR™ Identity Management Solution (FIMS) enables organizations to bring a new generation of advanced and powerful mobile security and video surveillance facial-biometrics applications into the field for use in real time. These applications can now be deployed from a centrally managed platform, resulting in fast, efficient and precise identity resolution.

Leveraging Animetrics’ patented FACEngine™ 2D-3D facial-recognition technology and an extensible Web- or cloud-based services architecture, FIMS allows military intelligence, law enforcement and homeland security professionals to deploy a robust and comprehensive facial identity management solution with flexibility, speed and agility. Organizations can utilize FIMS with its FaceR facial-recognition applications in various distributed environments and geographies, allowing them to easily build, store and access a database of subjects’ facial images from Web-connected endpoints such as smartphones, digital cameras and other devices that support still photography and video.

 Robust, Centralized and Scalable Facial Identity ManagementFIMS is deployed either via Web server (FIMS SQL) or in a cloud-based architecture system (FIMS Cloud). Both configurations provide centralized and scalable management of highly distributed “one-to-many” identity searches in the field. FIMS utilizes Animetrics’ FACEngine biometric facial-recognition technology that converts 2D images to accurate 3D geometries for enhanced biometric templates. FIMS makes these 3D facial “signatures” for identification purposes available to credentialed users via any mobile or fixed digital device with Internet connectivity. This powerful combination delivers today’s most advanced facial-recognition and comparison technology to personnel in the field, providing faster and more accurate results.

Comprehensive Facial Recognition Solution
  • Powerful FACEngine technology transforms flat 2D facial images into 3D avatar and unique facial signatures.
  • Facial images/signatures scored and enrolled in FIMS database
  • Powerful search and analysis capabilities match them against the stored enrolled images in the FIMS database or third-party database.
  • Provides all management and control for Animetrics FaceR applications

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