RioRey™ RG-Series


The RioRey RG Series features the most powerful DDoS Protection engine in the world. The RG Series can protect up to 200Gb of bandwidth at 32 million packets per second. State-of-the-art blade architecture provides multiple layers of redundancy for the power supplies and fans, as well as the control and filter modules -- giving the RG Series a 99.999% system availability rating. The RG Series can be installed in an off-ramp scrubbing center or in-line to protect the network against all major classes of DDoS attacks.

RG SeriesThe Best Solution for Global 10Gb Networks

  • Most powerful DDoS Protection engine in the world
  • The RG-Series brings up to 96 high-speed CPU cores and up to 288 GB of RAM
  • Throughput of up to 32 million pps
  • State of the art algorithmic architecture for network protection from DDoS attacks

High Availability Design

  • 99.999% system availability
  • SFP+ fiber interface module with optional failover bypass
  • Filter blades have load sharing and are hot swappable
  • Redundant controller blades are hot swappable
  • Quad redundant power supply and fan modules are hot swappable NEBS-3 Compliance with 220 VAC and -48V DC options

Innovative Protection Architecture

  • RioRey's platform can be placed off-ramp or in-line depending on the customer's network architecture
  • Protects key network assets against DDoS attacks
  • Enables existing network defenses to function properly even during heavy DDoS attacks

Proven DDoS Detection Algorithms

  • Protects against all major classes of DDoS Attacks (TCP Based, TCP-HTTP Based, UDP Based, and ICMP Based)
  • Detection and mitigation of DDoS is automatic and does not require the collecting and analyzing of network baseline traffic patterns
  • Our algorithmic architecture is designed to provide a very high assurance of passing good traffic while mitigating bad traffic

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