F-Secure Corporation protects consumers and businesses against computer viruses and other threats from the Internet and mobile networks. F-Secure’s award-winning solutions are available as a service subscription through more than 150 Internet service providers and mobile operator partners around the world, making F-Secure a global leader in this market

Software as a Service

F-Secure has been a pioneer of the "software as a service" business model in the industry. Partnerships with large number of operators around the world testify that F-Secure is now the global leader in this market. By delivering software as a service, F-Secure enables companies to focus on their business priorities, without having to maintain the expertise and technology to cope with the constantly evolving threat landscape. Software as a service provides the strongest level of protection for the end customer – at a lower cost. Software as a service also brings new business opportunities for both business and consumer-focused operators. Backed up by our world-class technology and support, software as a service is easy to deploy.

Protecting the irreplaceable

F-Secure's promise, ‘Protecting the irreplaceable' captures the essence of what we do. We want to protect our customers' valuable digital content across devices and access – now and in the future – as our customers' needs and technologies evolve. By protecting and preventing the loss of valuable content, F-Secure's trusted services provide peace of mind for consumers and businesses in all their online activities. Our online software services are easy to use and delivered with dependable support.

The F-Secure Response Labs

At the F-Secure Response Labs in Helsinki, Finland and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, our security experts work around the clock to keep you protected from the latest online threats. When you subscribe to an F-Secure service such as Internet Security, up-to-the-minute protection is included as standard: our Labs staff and their invaluable work make that possible. 

Round-the-clock response work takes place in three shifts, one of which is handled in Helsinki, and two in Kuala Lumpur. At any given moment, F-Secure Response Labs staff are on top of the worldwide security situation, ensuring that sudden virus and malware outbreaks are dealt with promptly and effectively.

Protection around the clock

Response Labs work is assisted by a host of automatic systems that track threat occurrences worldwide in real time, collecting and analyzing hundreds of thousands of data samples per day. The criminals who make use of viruses and malware to profit from these attacks are constantly at work on new threats: this demands vigilance around the clock, every single day of the year, ensuring that our customers are protected.

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