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According to industry analysts, fewer than 20% of mission critical Internet applications achieve internal objectives for continuous availability. Challenges include maintaining uptime when servers fail, scaling data center capabilities to handle increased load, and protecting infrastructure from network vulnerabilities.

Designed to help organizations achieve their availability objectives, the Barracuda Load Balancer integrates IP load balancing and network intrusion prevention into an affordable and easy to use appliance. The Barracuda Load Balancer provides comprehensive failover capabilities in case of server failure, distribution of traffic across multiple servers, and integrated protection from network intrusions.

  • Internet sites with high traffic requirements, including Web, FTP, media streaming, and content delivery networks
  • Hosted applications using thin-client architectures, such as Windows Terminal Services
  • Other IP services requiring optimal performance, including SMTP, DNS, RADIUS, TFTP

Serious Optimization

To optimize traffic, the Barracuda Load Balancer uses content cues to quickly route traffic to the best servers. For further optimization, the Barracuda Load Balancer caches content, compresses data and pools connections, speeding application traffic while saving server and network resources. At the WAN level, the Barracuda Load Balancer intelligently load balances traffic and provides failover among datacenters adding higher-level scalability and reliability for global and regional organizations.


Integrated intrusion prevention system (IPS) rejects "magic packet attacks" like buffer overflows and worms. With security definitions updated in real time, this load balancer adds needed protection.


It's no wonder our customers tell us they love the Barracuda Load Balancer. Affordably priced, unmatched in performance and value, and with no per-port or per-server license fees, it's the best value in its class.

Easy to Use

Plug-and-play deployment including server auto discovery, an intuitive UI with a dashboard for clear visibility and policies for automating tasks are features that make managing load balancing easy end to end.

Load Balancing

This solution uses weighted round robin, weighted least requests, adaptive scheduling and content cues along with server health checks to intelligently distribute traffic. It also intelligently balances traffic load among regional and global datacenters.

High Availability

The Barracuda Load Balancer supports server clustering for automatic failover/failback while also providing failover/failback for distributed datacenters. Barracuda Load Balancers can be configured in active/passive pairs for high availability load balancing using a hot standby.


File caching, data compression (great for services to smart phone and tablets), SSL offloading, and connection pooling optimize server and bandwidth resources for greatly improving scalability.

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