AlienVault Server

AlienVault Server

AlienVault’s Server, the cornerstone of the Unified Security Management (USM™) Platform combines Security, automation, Unified Management, and Shared Intelligence to correlate data, to spot anomalies, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiency.

AlienVault USM enables you to more easily and efficiently configure, manage, and operate the five essential security capabilities that no company should be without. Unifying the essential security capabilities within a single platform simplifies management and reduces complexity, allowing you to spend more time securing the network and less time learning, deploying, and configuring tools.

Security Automation—Reduces the time spent investigating security


AlienVault offers superior security automation to standard SIEM event correlation. Like others, it collects, normalizes, and correlates events from your environment to detect security risks and breaches. It also leverages the threat, vulnerability, and asset information as context to offer a more comprehensive accurate assessment of security incidents. Moreover, the two way data flow between event correlation and the integrated USM security controls provides dynamic event validation to automate the initial steps of incident response. AlienVault’s comprehensive security automation produces highly accurate, actionable alerts allowing analysts to spend less time tuning the system and investigating false alarms and more time preventing attacks.

Unified Management—Reduces security total cost of ownership

Unified management reduces complexity and simplifies operation of the USM. This allows security experts to spend more time doing what we need them to do; securing the systems, not managing their tools. Easily navigating between event status and the full suite of USM security tools makes it easier for the user to identify an attack, ascertain its success, determine the extent of the compromise, and isolate the breach. A unified reporting framework can create dashboards and generate reports based on any part of the system.

Shared Intelligence—Enables a collaborative defense, improving security

AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange™ (OTX™) enables anonymous sharing of threat intelligence. OTX shares and receives threat updates from installations across more than 50 countries. When an attack is observed by an OTX participant the information is sent to AlienVault Labs for validation and is distributed to all other OTX participants. A collaborative defense model offers AlienVault users an improved level of security over standalone alternatives.

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