AlienVault Sensor

What’s happening? Where is it happening? What is the impact on the business? There is no security without visibility. You cannot fight what you cannot see…

AlienVault’s Sensor combines Asset Discovery, Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Detection, and Behavioral Monitoring to provide full situational awareness through visibility into deployed assets, vulnerabilities, attack targets and vectors, and services. The Sensor is the frontline security module of the Unified Security Management (USM™) platform. USM enables you to more easily and efficiently configure, manage, and operate the five essential security capabilities that no company should be without. Unifying the essential security capabilities within a single platform simplifies management and reduces complexity, allowing you to spend more time securing the network and less time learning, deploying, and configuring tools.

Asset Discovery—automatically inventories critical assets

You don’t know what you don’t know—you’re not alone. Asset discovery means you won’t overlook systems, even in today’s fast changing environments. Actively surveying the network to create an inventory of deployed assets is the first step to gaining situational awareness and deploying a comprehensive security program. Asset discovery creates the foundational understanding of the environment, ensuring full coverage for assessing vulnerabilities, detecting threats, and monitoring network and service behavior for deviations from the norm. 

Vulnerability Assessment—detects which assets are vulnerable to attack

Complexity and cost can put proactive measures like vulnerability assessment out of reach for many. By combining complete and current visibility into systems with vulnerability assessment tools, AlienVault has put preventive security measures within reach of everyone. Vulnerability assessment catalogs potential system weaknesses to help prioritize actions to improve your security posture. 

Threat Detection—Identifies targeted hosts and exploits used in attack

With a comprehensive understanding of inherent system weaknesses, it’s important to actively monitor for attacks targeting your systems. The AlienVault Sensor’s network intrusion detection system performs analysis of the network traffic to detect signatures of known attacks, and identify patterns of known attack methods. This provides immediate visibility into the attacks being used against your system.

Behavioral monitoring—Identifies changes in normal operating conditions 

Changes in the behavior of network, systems, and services can indicate a weak defense or security breach. The Sensor combines network flow analysis to see changes in network traffic, full packet capture for forensic analysis, active service monitoring to proactively verify changes to services, and log collection to leverage anomalies reported by other elements of the infrastructure.


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