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Privileged users are all those who have been assigned elevated rights within an information system. They may be the internal system administrators or external service providers responsible for the remote management or maintenance of the IT system.

Failure to control these privileged users in corporate IT infrastructure increases the risks surrounding sensitive and confidential information. Absolute and continuous compliance with the increasing number of regulatory standards, such as ARJEL, Basel, SOX, PCI DSS and laws governing the control of electronic medical records, is a critical issue for companies.


WALLIX developed the Wallix AdminBastion (WAB), its Privileged Users Management solution, in response to these growing requirements. The agentless solution is available as a software package or a device, it can be installed in your information system in a matter of hours, and is easy to deploy and administer day to day.

Wallix AdminBastion controls all access by your internal and external service providers, and privileged or high-risk user accounts. You can record work sessions (SSH, RDP) and review actions performed on the IT system as and when needed (audit or unexplained security incident).



Wallix AdminBastion also facilitates management of IT team turnover by providing integrated management of all administrator passwords.

Wallix AdminBastion delivers peace of mind, ensuring oversight of the IT system, controlling access and barring any access to your IT infrastructure by unauthorised individuals.

It provides records and audit trails to demonstrate optimised compliance with applicable standards (ISO2700, PCI DSS, etc.).

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