WAB Report Manager

You have just acquired, Wallix AdminBastion, WALLIX’s privileged user management and traceability solution. WAB Report Manager, the advanced reporting add-on solution allows you to make it even more effective.

WRM enables you to make optimum use of the data collected by your WAB, thanks to critical and essential features including :

  1. Real-time alerting on actions performed by privileged users (administrators and/or service providers) on your IT network
  2. Predefined reporting template
  3. Detection of any attempts to bypass Wallix AdminBastion
  4. Advanced search in all Wallix AdminBastion logs

Real-time alerting

WAB Report Manager processes, in real time, data provided by the Wallix AdminBastion solution’s built-in OCR engine that reads the contents of all Windows sessions.

WAB Report Manager can alert as soon as a user accesses a specific application or file, such as an Oracle client or a financial report (yearly_report.xls, for example). WAB Report Manager also detects and reports which Windows window has been opened. You can react more quickly whenever a unauthorized window is opened.

WAB Report Manager prevents from :

  • Malicious actions.
  • Leakage of confidential and/or strategic data.
  • The risks associated with such incidents (harm to the business’s reputation, lost income, theft of critical data, etc.).

WAB Report Manager allows you to strengthen :

  •  Security policies, by integrating protection against insider threats.
  •  Compliance with IT security standards (PCI DSS, SOX, etc.).

Predefined detailed reporting

WRM provides daily or weekly reports on all activities and movements recorded within Wallix AdminBastion. You benefit from total visibility over Wallix AdminBastion and to improve control over its daily activity.

WAB Report Manager also includes pre-defined reporting templates, thereby simplifying the reporting process. The custom reporting creation tool allows you to further improve your organisation’s regulatory compliance with IT standards. For example, you can decide to receive a daily report listing all unsuccessful WAB login attempts, which can sometimes be the sign of an attempted attack.

Detection of any attempt to bypass the WAB

The WRM informs you if users bypass the WAB to log on to target devices. It does so by retrieving the target devices’ authentication logs and therefore, the list of connections that bypassed the WAB.

Thanks to the WAB Report Manager, you are informed as soon as any connection is made without passing through the Wallix AdminBastion. As the WRM can retrieve the devices’ authentication logs, it provides you with details of all connections made by bypassing the Wallix AdminBastion.

Your access and authentication processes are strengthened as a result and you are sure that no privileged user can bypass the Wallix AdminBastion. Your data is safe, and you meet all internal audit requirements.

Advanced search in Wallix AdminBastion logs

The WRM enables you to easily browse the WAB’s logs thanks to a powerful and intuitive interface. You can simply and easily answer all of your internal auditors’ questions.

For example, the WRM can provide a report of all actions performed by a specific user (connections, authentication attempts, etc.). This feature is extremely useful if you suspect that there is a possibility of identity theft.

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