Established in 2008, Nevo Technologies is a value added distributor of Cutting edge IT solutions. Nevo technologies is a privately-held company and a division of the “Amerisource Group”.

With offices in Rabat, Morocco and Princeton, New Jersey, Nevo operates in North and Western Africa representing innovative products in Enterprise Security and network management.

Nevo has been awarded the « AmCham-OCP Moroccan-American Trade and Investment Award 2015 »-for the Import of Innovative Products.

Nevo Technologies is a leader in Next Generation IT Distribution providing true value added services to its partners through a winning combination of product identification, lead generation, pre-sales, our strong technical capabilities,  certification and post-sales support.  Our clients include the largest integrators in North & West Africa and we are well-known in the market for our high contact approach to end users,  and our world-class customer service.

Our Mission

« To be a valued bridge between the innovators of new technologies and the North and West African market »

Our Vision

We believe in a world where the newest technologies are quickly and efficiently distributed around the world. Often new technologies are delayed by a lack of distribution channels and a lack of education from reaching all possible global markets. This market dynamic increases the “digital divide” and prevents important technological advances from being shared by everyone in the world.

We created Nevo Technologies to fulfill an important role in creating this world.  We at Nevo Technologies are not just business people who are interested in creating a commercially viable entity, but also social entrepreneurs.  By moving ideas, products, and solutions across borders we are contributing to building the kind of world in which we want to live.

Alfred Nobel, the famed philanthropist and founder of the Nobel Peace Prize, once said "My factories may well put an end to wars sooner than your congresses." We at Nevo Technologies think he was on to something. We believe that our efforts to increase responsible global trade can impact today's reality in much the same way. That's why we do what we do.

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